Getting Started with the Administrator Dashboard

Getting Started
with the Administrator Dashboard

Now that you have created your Merge account and have contacted Merge to activate your subscription, it’s time to explore the Administrator Dashboard! Here, you’ll find out how to create classes, add and manage teachers and students, and track your students' progress as they explore various topic cards and complete assignments.

To read more about the basic elements of the Merge EDU Platform, see the Dashboard Overview.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the main functions of the Administrator Dashboard:

  • Managing Teachers - generate a subscription join code to activate teachers
  • Managing Classes - organize your students, and get them added to your subscription
  • Managing Students - manage your students’ accounts
  • Tracking Student Progress - track the progress of your students as they complete science simulations
  • Sharing Content - share links to digital teaching aids and science simulations with your class

Sign In to the Merge EDU Dashboard

First, make sure to sign in at using either your username and password, or the single sign-on credentials that you used when you created your account.

Tap here if you need more help signing in to the Merge Dashboard.

Managing Teachers

Administrator accounts have the unique ability to create and manage Teacher Accounts. The simplest way to have a teacher join your subscription is with a teacher join code, which the Teachers can use to activate their own accounts.

To Find your Teacher Join Code:

  1. Sign into your Administrator account in the Merge Dashboard.

  2. On the top of that page, you’ll see the words “Teacher Join Code” and a 6-character code. Give this code to your Teachers so they can join your subscription.

Tap here to see how Teachers can use this Join Code to Create and Activate their own Account.

Administrators also have the ability to manually add teachers, but the teachers will still need to activate their own accounts to access the Merge EDU Platform. Accounts that remain inactive - indicated with the yellow dot to the left of their names - will not be able to access the subscription without activating their account.

To Manually Add a Teacher:

  1. Tap the “Add Teacher” button on the “Teachers” page

  2. Enter a First Name, Last Name, Username (must be 6 characters and contain only letters and numbers), and an email address, then tap “Save”

  3. This will send an email confirmation to the teacher’s email address that you entered, entitled “You've been invited to join a subscription in Merge EDU.” This email will contain a link for them to create a password and activate their account (note: they will need to use this link, rather than the subscription join code to activate an account created this way)

  4. Once they tap that link, they will be sent to a page where they will need to create and confirm a Password (must be 8 characters long and contain at least one number) for their account, then tap “Activate” - after that their teacher account will be active and appear green or grey on your teachers page

Administrators also have the ability to remove teachers from their subscription. To remove a teacher from your subscription, simply click on the checkbox beside their name in the teachers page, then tap “Delete Teacher”, then tap “Confirm”.

Managing Classes

Students are organized into classes on the Merge EDU Platform. You must create at least one class before your students can gain access using a Class Join Code.

To Create a Class:

  1. In the Merge Dashboard, tap on the “Classes” link below the “Administrator” header in the left-side menu

  2. Tap the red “Create a Class” button to the top right of that page

  3. Enter a Class Name and Select a Teacher to be assigned to the class - you can optionally indicate the class period and give the class a description

  4. Tap the “Save” button to create your class - you can create as many classes as you need

  5. Once the class is created, it will generate a “Class Join Code” - you will share this with your students so they can easily join your class

Click here to learn how your students can activate their Merge EDU accounts using the class join code.

Managing Students

Once you have your students linked to your classes with the join code, you will be able to see them on your roster on the “Students” page. From there, you will be able to monitor which students are online or offline (green and grey dots, respectively) or if a student has not activated their account (yellow dots).

Some subscriptions limit the number of students who can be logged in at one time. As an administrator, you have the ability to log out any of the students that are a part of one of your subscription. To do this, navigate to the “Students” page on the Merge EDU Dashboard, then tap the “Sign Out All” button in the top right corner of the page and tap “Confirm”.

To see an individual Student’s information, tap on their name. This will lead to the student info page for that student. There you can “Sign Out” an individual student, “Update” their information, reset a forgotten password by tapping “Change Password”, and remove a student from your subscription by tapping “Delete Student”.

You can also sign out students by class, by going to the “Classes” page in the Merge EDU Dashboard, and following these steps:

  1. Go to “Classes”, then tap on the class name of the students you want to log out
  2. Select the entire class with the top checkbox, or select an individual student in that class by tapping the checkbox next to their name
  3. Finally, tap “Sign Out”, then “Confirm” to sign out the student(s)

Tracking Student Progress

Track your students’ progress in Merge Explorer through quiz results. The quizzes appear once all science simulations in a topic card have been completed. So, if a student has completed the quiz, they have completed that topic card as well.

To view your students’ quiz results, tap on the “Science Simulations” link on the left-side menu, then tap on the topic card you assigned your students to complete. Once in the topic card details page, tap “Quiz Results”. Use the drop down menu at the top of the window to select the class you wish to view. The quiz results page will show an icon by the name of the students who completed a quiz, and will indicate which grade level quiz they completed.

To learn more about the quizzes in Merge Explorer, tap here.

Sharing Simulations and Digital Teaching Aids

It’s easy to share content using the Merge EDU Platform! There are options for sharing all of our digital teaching aids and science simulations, which can help get your class on the same page right away.  

To share a digital teaching aid collection, first tap on “Teaching Aids” on the left-side navigation menu. Then tap on a collection to open its details page. Tap “Share Options” to display the QR Code, Collection Code and Share Link. Any of these can be used to open this specific collection.

Tap here to learn more about using Digital Teaching Aids.

Tap here to learn more about Sharing Digital Teaching Aids.

To Share a specific topic card, first tap on “Science Simulations” on the left-side navigation menu. Then tap on a topic card to open its details page. Tap “Share Options” to display the QR Code and Share Link. Both of these can be used to open this specific topic card.

Tap here to learn more about using Science Simulations.

Tap here to learn more about Sharing Science Simulations.


Now that you’ve learned how to navigate the Administrator Dashboard, you’re ready to engage your teachers and students in extraordinary science and STEM experiences with Merge EDU! 

Tap here to learn about the standards-aligned Activity Plans.

Tap here to learn about Merge STEM Projects.

Tap here to learn how you can teach a remote lesson with Merge EDU.

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