Connecting your Free Merge EDU Account to a Paid Subscription

Connecting your Free Merge EDU Account to a Paid Subscription


Many teachers new to Merge EDU will start a free trial. This does not mean you are connected to your paid Merge EDU subscription yet. This simply means you have created an account and you currently have a free trial subscription unlocked, that is not associated with your school or district. After the free trial period ends, your account will lose access to premium content.

If your Merge EDU account needs to be connected to a paid District, Schoolwide or Lab Subscription, we can help! 

The first thing you will need to do is get your subscription Join Code from your Merge EDU subscription administrator. If you do not know who your designated Merge EDU admin is at your campus or district, reach out to, and we can help.

If you are a teacher on the subscription, you will need the Teacher Join Code. If you are going to be an administrator on your Merge EDU Subscription, you will need the School Admin Join Code or District Admin Join Code, depending on the type of license that was purchased.

After you have located the correct join code for your level of access, you simply need to sign in to, then scroll down to the bottom of your screen on the right side (with the purple background). You will see the choices Teacher Join, School Admin Join, or District Admin Join.

If you do not see these choices, please reach out to 



Select the correct level of access, then you will be prompted to enter your Join Code. In the example below, I selected "Teacher Join." Enter your Teacher Join Code, then press "Join."




That's all you have to do! At this point, you should now be connected to your paid subscription, and you will see a message like the one below at the top of your screen. Your account will now be associated with your paid subscription, and all premium content and features will be unlocked on the Merge EDU Dashboard and in the Merge EDU apps.



If you have any questions after reading this help article about how to get your Merge EDU account connected to your subscription, reach out to so we can help! 

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