Merge EDU Windows Device Support

Merge EDU Windows Device Support


Merge EDU is expanding compatibility with Windows devices, so that you can bring digital teaching aids and interactive science simulations directly to your classroom! Windows devices currently support “3D” and “Cube” mode, but not “World Mode”. 

Check out this help article to learn more about the Merge EDU interaction modes.

However, not all Windows devices are made the same. This article will go over the basic criteria a Windows device will need to have in order to run Merge EDU apps:

  • Operating System - Windows 10, Version 1511 build 10586 and later versions
  • Access to Microsoft App Store
  • Windows Surface Devices

Learn more about each of these criteria below:

1. Operating System - Windows 10 or newer

Your device must be running at least Windows 10, Version 1511 build 10586, and later versions

Since AR is a relatively new technology in education, older Windows devices and operating systems may not have the specifications necessary to run Merge EDU apps. 

Devices without the correct internal specs may not allow the apps to be downloaded at all, or may display issues when loading objects or tracking the cube. We recommend using devices with up-to-date operating systems to avoid these compatibility issues.

2. Access to the Microsoft App Store

Merge EDU compatible Windows devices must be able to access the Microsoft App Store. Because Merge EDU apps can only be downloaded from app stores, your device will need to be able to access or accept Microsoft apps.

If your school uses a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) for its applications, be sure to contact your system administrator to see if Merge EDU apps - Merge Explorer and Object Viewer - can be downloaded onto your devices. 

Note: Our apps are free to download, so we highly recommend testing them on the devices you wish to use in your classroom before purchasing!

For more information on how to download Merge EDU apps, click here.

3. Windows Surface Devices

The Merge EDU Development Team tests Merge EDU apps on Windows Surface devices, which should have the best compatibility with our applications. 

When using a Windows Surface device, you should be able to use the device’s front-facing camera/integrated webcam to view the Merge Cube. Please note that the Merge EDU apps will need to be granted “Camera” permission to allow them to scan and track the Merge Cube.

For more information about setting up camera permissions, please check out this help article.


We hope this article was helpful to see if your Windows devices are compatible with Merge EDU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated support team at

If your Windows devices are compatible with Merge EDU, be sure to start a free trial, learn more about grants & funding, and look into how to buy a Merge EDU subscription

You can also find our full compatibility guide here.

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