How to delete your Merge EDU account

How to delete your Merge EDU account


This help article will go over the steps to delete your Merge EDU account permanently. 

Deleting your account will remove all user data and progress made in the Merge EDU apps associated with your account. Once deleted, your progress cannot be restored, and you will need to create a new account to access your Merge EDU dashboard again.

Please note that deleting your Merge EDU account will not affect an individual subscription to Merge EDU apps - if you started a monthly or annual subscription in either Merge EDU apps by using an in app purchase, you can only cancel that subscription by going to your device’s app store or “Settings”.

Check out this article if you would like to learn how to cancel an individual subscription.

Follow these steps to delete your Merge EDU account:

1) Go to your Profile on the Merge Dashboard

Sign in to your Merge EDU account on the Merge Dashboard ( If you do not remember your password, you should be able to reset it by tapping the “Forgot Password” link and following the instructions provided.

Once signed in, open your profile page by tapping on your username/email at the top of the page (it should say “Hello, [username/email]”).


2) Tap “Manage Account”

Once in your profile, navigate to the “Manage Account” tab (located to the right of the “My Profile” link).


3) Tap “Delete My Account”

Once on the “Manage Account” page, tap the “Delete My Account” button.


4) Type “DELETE” into the box to confirm

Confirm that you would like to permanently delete your account by typing “DELETE” into the box provided, then tap “Delete My Account”.


Once you tap “Delete My Account” your information will be deleted from our system.


We hope this article was helpful in showing you how to delete your Merge EDU account! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated support team at

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