Downloading Merge EDU Apps

Getting Started
Downloading Merge EDU Apps


Merge EDU apps are designed to run on a variety of devices, and downloading them is as simple as downloading them from your app store.

This article will guide you through a few simple steps to install Merge EDU apps on your device:

  • Make sure your device is compatible
  • Download the Merge Object Viewer app
  • Download the Merge Explorer app

Optional: Using a Mobile Device Management System

Make sure your device is compatible

The Merge EDU Platform Applications, Object Viewer and Merge Explorer, require an AR/VR compatible device to run. To find out if your device is compatible, check out our Compatible Device List. 

Download the apps
MergeObjectViewer-Flat.png Download Object Viewer to access over 1,000 hands-on digital teaching aids, and the ability to view and share your own 3D creations with others.
MergeExplorer-Flat.png Download Merge Explorer and experience powerful learning with over 100 hands-on, interactive science simulations.
MergeHoloGlobe-Flat.png Download HoloGlobe to bring real-time NOAA and NASA satellite data and simulations into the palm of your hand!
Mobile Device Management System

If you have a Mobile Device Management system that can push out apps to several devices, your IT department will be able to find our apps on any MDM system that has access to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft App Store.


Now that you’ve learned how to download Merge EDU apps, you can begin using our immersive technology to help your students learn science, master STEM, and become Future Ready.

Check out this article on how to Sign In to the Merge EDU Platform.

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