How to Share Topic Cards

How to Share Topic Cards


Merge EDU makes it easy for teachers to share topic cards in the Merge Explorer app with their students.

In this article, you will learn how to share a Topic Card by using the shareable link or QR Code.


Using the shareable link
  1. Visit and Login to your Merge Teacher or Administrator Account

  2. Select “Merge Explorer” under “Science” on the left-side Navigation Menu to view the list of topic cards inside Merge Explorer
  3. Select the topic card you want to share
  4. Click “Share Options” then select “Copy Card Link” to copy the link to that topic card or "Print the QR Code."
  5. Share the link using email or your classroom management tool – the link will launch the topic card directly in the Merge Explorer app. You can print the QR Code and put them at various stations around the classroom, or screen cast it for students to scan.


Now that you’ve learned how to share a Topic Cards in the Merge Explorer app with your students, you can share specific them with students as part of your science lessons to get everybody in the same activity quickly!

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