How to Share Your Collections

How to Share Your Collections

Merge EDU makes it easy to share custom collections with others. Creating and sharing your own custom collections gives you the ability to teach virtually any concept, as well as the ability to easily share collections of your own 3D models with others.

Tip: To learn how to create your own collection, click here

In this article, you will learn how to share your own collection of 3D objects using a shareable link.

Sharing a Collection Link
  1. Visit and sign in to your Merge Account.

  2. Select “My Stuff” under “Home” on the left-side Navigation Menu, then tap the “Collections” tab above the page.

  3. Select the Collection you want to share.

  4. Tap “Share Options” then select “Copy Link” to copy the link to that collection.

  5. Share the link using email or your classroom management tool – the link will launch the collection directly in the Object Viewer app.

Now that you’ve learned how to share your own collections, you can share whole groups of objects at the same time. We’re sure you’ll find many ways to use custom collections in your classroom this year!

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