Creating Custom Object Collections

Creating Custom Object Collections

Now that you’ve learned how to upload your own 3D objects and view them on the Merge Cube, it is time to learn how you can create your own unique collections to share. Creating custom collections allows teachers to focus only on specific teaching aids, and allows students to group objects together for a presentation or project.

In this article your learn how to:

  • Create A Collection in the Merge Dashboard
  • Add Objects to a Collection in the Merge Dashboard


Create A Collection in the Merge Dashboard
  1. Sign in to your Merge EDU account in the Dashboard (

  2. Tap on the "My Stuff" tab on the left-side menu, then tap on the "Collections" tab at the top of that page

  3. Tap "Create New Collection" to open the custom collection page

  4. Give the collection a name (description optional), then tap "Done"


Add Objects to a Collection in the Merge Dashboard
  1. Tap on the "Object Viewer" tab in the left-side menu to browse our teaching aid collections. Tap on the thumbnails of objects to get to the object page.

  2. Once you find an object you would like to add to your collection, tap on the "Add to Collection" dropdown box

  3. Tap the checkbox next to the collection you would like to add the object to, then tap out of the dropdown box to save the changes


  4. To share your custom collection with your peers or students, navigate back to the collection page to see its Share Options



Now that you know how to create your own unique collections, you can start organizing teaching aids along with your own 3D creations to form collections that compliment your lessons and presentations.

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