Information for Grant Applications

Information for Grant Applications



If you’re applying for a grant to purchase Merge EDU for your classroom or school, you may need information about Merge EDU, such as: research findings, images, website urls, product descriptions, and teacher testimonials to include in your grant/funding applications, including Request for Funding Applications (RFAs) and Proposals (RFPs).

We have compiled a list of the most common information requests below. If you need information that hasn’t been included, please contact so we can help.

You will find the following information in the article below:

  • AI Grant Application Writing tool (Intellectible)
  • Merge EDU Products: Names, Descriptions and Benefits
  • Educator Testimonials (Video and Narrative)
  • Research Data: The Effectiveness of Digital Teaching Aids
  • Merge EDU Still Images 
  • Merge EDU Videos 
  • Website links
  • Purchasing Information


AI Grant Writing Tool: Intellectible

To make it easier for you to secure funding for Merge EDU, we have partnered with Intellectible - a web platform that uses AI technology specifically designed to help educators apply for grants. You can find it here:

Use Intellectible for Merge EDU

Merge EDU Products: Names, Descriptions and Benefits

We have compiled a list of Merge EDU products and their descriptions, as well as benefits for students and educators. You can find it here: 

Merge Product Names, Descriptions, and Benefits

Educator Testimonials

A powerful way to share the effectiveness of Merge EDU is through other educators' experiences. You can find the latest Merge EDU educator testimonials video here: 

In addition, here are a few written testimonial quotes from innovative Merge Educators:

  • “Why should teachers integrate Merge? First and foremost, it’s the engagement factor! Students are drawn to immersive experiences and the ability to practically dive into a world or object to learn about it better. Second, it’s learning by exploration. It’s not just reading, it’s not just pictures. Merge brings us the ability to look at the rings of Saturn in 3D while we ROTATE THE PLANET IN OUR HAND! They let us dissect a frog without that formaldehyde smell!” Kathi Kersznowski, Technology Integration Specialist at Washington Township Public Schools
  • “The wow factor is the same whether they are 12 or 18! Merge brings the learning to life and the buzz and discussion is fantastic. Concepts that pupils find hard to relate to or visualise can be easily understood using Merge EDU.” Sarah Clark, Biology Teacher at Queen Anne School, Scotland
  • "Merge Explorer is one of the easiest and most expansive AR and VR educational content tools out there!” Michael Fricano II, Ed Tech Integration Specialist and and Maker Ed Educator at the 'Iolani School, Hawaii 
  • “Merge EDU’s interactive AR experiences integrate seamlessly into the deep inquiry happening in my classroom every day.” Gabe Haydu, Innovative Education Specialist and Elementary Classroom Teacher at the Singapore American School, Singapore
  • “Holding digital artifacts in your hand is a powerful educational experience. With Merge, students are now able to do things like this that just weren't possible before.” John Zingale, Innovative MS Teacher and History Teacher of the Year in Vancouver, Washington

Research: The Effectiveness of Merge EDU

New research is constantly being conducted about how effective Merge EDU is for learning, so check back to the link below often for the most updated information: 

The Effectiveness of Digital Teaching Aids

Merge EDU Images and GIFS

If you need to include images in your grant application for Merge EDU, you can find a curated collection here:

If you are able to add GIFs to your application, you can browse our Giphy page to find the one that best represents your application:

Merge EDU Videos 

In the links below, you will find a Merge EDU overview video, as well as a list of videos created by a Merge educator that show how Merge EDU can be incorporated into your teaching:

Website Link (and Other Helpful Links)

Our official Merge EDU website can be found at:

  • - Here you can get more information about Merge EDU, start a free trial, find pricing information, and more.

Here are some other links that might be useful during your application process:

  • - The Merge Dashboard is the central hub for Merge EDU. Here you can take a look through our learning resources like all the Activity Plans, STEM Projects, and browse all the teaching aids and science simulations.
  • - You can find answers to all your Merge EDU related questions and support issues here.

Purchasing Information

As part of your grant application process, you may need to know the specifics when it comes to the purchasing process for Merge EDU. You can find out how to buy Merge EDU for your classroom, school, or district here: 

How to Buy Merge EDU


We hope this has been a helpful resource of information for your Merge EDU grant application! Be sure to check our other helpful articles related to grants and funding:

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