Streaming Live AR with Google Meet (Android)

Streaming Live AR with Google Meet
for Android Devices


Now that you’ve finished learning how to share Topic Cards and Collections with your students, it is time to get started teaching science and STEM with digital, hands-on teaching aids and interactive simulations remotely.

In this article, we’ll show you how to share the screen of your Android device to stream a live lesson using Merge EDU Apps over Google Meet.

When you’re ready to start streaming, just follow these steps...

Step 1: Start a Google Meeting

  1. With Google Meet, you can start class video meetings in Classroom, Meet, Google Calendar, and Gmail on your computer or mobile device. To learn more about starting Google Meetings with your students, read through the Google Help Docs Here.

Step 2: Share your Android device screen

To share your Android device’s screen, you must have the Google Meet app on your device. You can sign into Google Meet and launch the meeting from your Android device. You can also join a meeting already in progress from your device.

Once your Android device is connected to the Meet, follow these instructions:

  1. Tap the screen to show the menu, then tap the right-most icon to show “More Options”

  2. Tap “Share Screen”, then “Start Sharing” to begin sharing your screen

  3. You can now toggle out of the Google Meet app and open the Merge EDU apps to share

  4. When you’re ready to stop sharing your screen, return to the Google Meet app and tap “Stop Sharing”

Note: Be sure to enable Do Not Disturb mode before proceeding to prevent any unwanted notifications popping up while sharing your screen.

Step 3: Teach a Lesson Remotely

Sharing Merge EDU with your students during a remote lesson will help make your lessons more visually exciting, help your students learn complex concepts, and keep them engaged in learning science and STEM from home! 

Click here for more information on how you can start teaching science remotely with Merge.


Now that you’ve learned how to stream augmented reality presentations with Google Meet, you can begin using Merge Activity Plans and STEM Projects with your students for remote and hybrid learning!  

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