STEM - Teaching Aids


Merge EDU gives you tools to teach STEM concepts using our hands-on digital teaching aids (holograms), both in the classroom and while remote learning from home.

In this article, we’ll show you the steps you can take to teach STEM concepts using the hands-on digital teaching aids inside the Merge Object Viewer app.

  • Sign into the Merge Dashboard
  • Browse Teaching Aids
  • Hold a Digital Object
  • Stamp or Place Objects
  • Teach a lesson
  • Share the Experience

When you’re ready to try it yourself, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Sign into the Merge Dashboard to access the digital teaching aid collections.

Click here if you need help logging into the Merge Dashboard


Step 2

Browse Teaching Aids. Open the Object Viewer app and browse the teaching aid collections, then select a collection you would like to see. You can also browse individual objects by tapping the menu icon and selecting “Objects.”

Click here to learn more about using digital teaching aids


Step 3

Stamp or Place Objects. Not only can you hold a digital object in your hand, but you can also stamp objects into the real world by tapping the “stamp” icon. You can even switch to world mode to place larger objects in the room around you.

Click here to learn more about stamping and placing objects


Step 4

Teach a lesson based on your classroom setup and teaching style, whether you are teaching remotely, working in socially distanced classrooms, or have 1:1 devices.

Click here to learn more about different types of lessons


Step 5

Share the Experience. Simply copy the collection code to share with your students, then have them create a video explaining what they observe.

Click here to learn more about sharing digital teaching aids


Step 6

Upload your own digital objects. You can create your own collections of digital teaching aids to support your lessons, either from finding 3D objects from Tinkercad, Google Poly, Sketchfab, and other 3D model libraries online, or by creating your own.  

Click here to learn how to upload your own Objects



We hope you experienced the value of using digital teaching aids in your STEM lessons, and can imagine all the ways to use collections to engage your students in STEM concepts in the classroom and remotely from home.

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