Getting Started - Teaching Science

Getting Started - Teaching Science


Merge EDU lets science teachers explain concepts more effectively with powerful, hands-on digital teaching aids and interactive simulations. With standards-aligned activity plans, integrated quizzes, and a large library of science content, you’ll have everything you need to be successful teaching science using Merge EDU!

In this article we will introduce the main components you’ll need to know in order to make the most out of Merge EDU for your science program. 

  • Digital Teaching aids collections
  • Science Simulations
  • Activity plans
  • Quizzes
  • Teaching a Lesson
Digital Teaching aids collections

Merge provides a large library of true-to-life digital teaching aids that students can hold and inspect in a natural and intuitive way. They’re organized into collections that will fit nicely into your lessons, and are just as effective as traditional teaching aids for learning

Tap here to learn how to use Digital Teaching aids in your Science Class


Science Simulations

Merge provides highly engaging simulations that teach complex science concepts using powerful visuals and interactions. Students will understand complex topics more easily and remember what they learned longer. Science Simulations are organized into topics that align with standard science units and include curriculum-aligned activity plans and quizzes. 

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Activity Plans

Easy-to-follow activity plans will lead students through in-depth learning when completed alongside the topic cards inside Merge Explorer. They’re curriculum aligned and designed for remote and in-person learning, and can be student-led or teacher-led to fit a variety of learning scenarios. 

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Integrated quizzes inside Merge Explorer are organized into grade levels that students can complete after experiencing all the science simulations within each topic card. These formative assessments will help students monitor their own understanding as they progress through the simulations.

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Teaching a Science Lesson

Now that you understand all the components of Merge EDU for science, you’re ready to teach a lesson! Start at the teacher dashboard to browse and share science topics and teaching aids that align to your lesson, and use the standards alignment when planning your units. Since Merge EDU fits into a variety of teaching scenarios like teacher-led in the classroom to student-led activities at home, you can easily provide differentiated instruction for all your students, anywhere.

Tap here to learn more about teaching a science lesson with Merge EDU
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We hope you have a good understanding of the ways Merge EDU can help your students learn science, while giving you the tools to be successful integrating it into your lessons! Be sure to read through our other help articles to dive deeper into step-by-step instructions and other helpful information.

Have fun teaching with Merge!

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