Using Object Viewer Activity Plans

Using Activity Plans for Merge Object Viewer

In addition to Activity Plans for the Merge Explorer app, Merge EDU also includes activity plans for the Merge Object Viewer app.

The Object Viewer Activity Plans can applied to just about any topic your students are studying. These easy-to-follow activity plans will help your students get started using the Merge Object Viewer app in a way that's engaging, creative, and immersive!

The Object Viewer Activity Plans are in Google Doc format, which makes them easy for you to modify for students before sharing. They're also easy for students to complete and then turn in.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the main steps for using the Object Viewer Activity Plans in your classroom.

  • STEP 1 - Accessing Object Viewer Activity Plans
  • STEP 2 - Overview of Object Viewer Activity Plans
    • Grade Level, Materials and Time
    • Objectives
    • Suggested Collections and Ideas
    • Student Activity
    • Assessment Options
    • Extension Ideas
    • Additional Resources
  • STEP 3- Sharing Object Viewer Activity Plans

Follow these steps to learn how to access and use Object Viewer Activity Plans with your students.

STEP 1 - Access the Merge Activity Plans

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
    Click here if you need help signing in.

  2. Select “Activity Plans” located under “Science” on the left menu.

  3. You will find the Object Viewer Activity Plans at the top of this screen. 

  4. Select the Object Viewer Activity Plan you would like to use for your students, then press "Make a Copy" to get edit access

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 1.10.01 PM.png

STEP 2 - Overview of Object Viewer Activity Plans

Let’s look at all of the parts of an Object Viewer Activity Plan:

Grade level, Materials and Time

At the top of each Object Viewer activity plan, you will see the Grade Level recommendation, Materials and Time required to complete the activity. Depending on the depth at which you have your students complete the activity, the time may be longer or shorter. 


The Objectives section will give you a high level overview of what exactly your students will be working on throughout the activity.

Suggested Collections and Ideas

The Suggested Collections and Ideas section will give you some ideas of topics and collections your students can study, but the possibilities are endless! 

Student Activity

The Student Activity gives your students step-by-step instructions on completing the activity, and any additional information they will need to know.

Assessment Options

There are always 3 assessment options listed at the bottom of the activity. The option you choose may depend on the devices your students have access to.

Extension Ideas

There are several extension ideas to choose from at the bottom of each activity. You might assign one of these for homework, or offer extra credit! It's completely up to you.

Additional Resources

There may be additional resources like charts or diagrams at the end of the activity plan, which the student will use during the activity. However, not all Object Viewer activity plans have additional resources.

STEP 3 - Sharing Object Viewer Activity Plans

  1. On the Merge Dashboard, select “Activity Plans under “Science” on the left-side menu
  2. Select the Object Viewer Activity Plan you would like to share 
  3. Select "Make a Copy"
  4. Make any edits or modifications you would like.
  5. To share with students, select File-->Share. Be sure to copy the link that give students "View Only" access, so they can then make a copy for themselves to complete.




When you incorporate the Object Viewer Activity plans into your lessons, students will gain key knowledge while immersed in learning. Click here to learn about using Merge Explorer Activity Plans with students

Have fun teaching with Merge EDU!

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