Whitelisting Domains for Firewall/Proxy

Whitelisting Domains for Firewall/Proxy


Depending on your Firewall or Proxy, there may be strict limits to what domains and servers students can access. In order for the Merge EDU apps to function properly, the following domains will need to be accessible from your school’s network:

  1. *.mergevr.com
  2. *.mergeedu.com
  3. *.mergecube.com
  4. *.merge-api.com
  5. mergecube.firebaseio.com
  6. us-central1-merge-conf.cloudfunctions.net
  7. us-central1-mergecube.cloudfunctions.net
  8. *.googleapis.com
  9. firebase.google.com

These domains can typically be sent to your school’s IT department to whitelist.

If you are still having any trouble accessing Merge EDU with an activated account, even after whitelisting the above, please send us an email at support@mergeedu.com so we can help.


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