What is a Merge Paper Cube? Can I use one?

Merge Paper Cubes are a print-out version of the Merge Cube, which can be printed out and assembled. While we allow paper cubes for non-commercial, educational use, we don't recommend them for long-term use - however, paper cubes are useful for testing out Merge Apps or in Remote Learning situations where students may not have access to a real Merge Cube.

However, we highly recommend using authentic Merge Cubes whenever possible! Using the authentic Merge Cube will make for a more positive and engaging experience. Without the stable tracking of the authentic Merge Cube, you may not experience the true believability of holding a virtual object in your hand, as this illusion can more easily be broken by jitteriness and loss of tracking. The softness of the foam cube was intentionally created to be the same softness as a human hand which makes the interaction more tangible and intuitive. This can mean the difference between a potentially frustrating experience and the opportunity to experience the wonder and excitement of high-quality augmented reality.

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