Unlocking a Free Trial inside Merge EDU Apps

Unlocking a Free Trial inside Merge EDU Apps


After you’ve signed up for an account inside of one of the Merge EDU apps, you can unlock a free trial inside the apps as well! 

Did you purchase a Merge Cube on Amazon and looking to activate your 3-month Free Trial? See this help article instead.

If you haven’t created an account yet, be sure to follow the directions in this help article to do so.

The Merge EDU free trial gives you access to not only the content inside of Merge EDU apps, but also to other resources found on the Merge EDU Dashboard such as STEM Projects, Activity Plans and the ability to upload your own 3D objects.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Sign in to a Merge EDU app

All Merge EDU apps connect to the same account, so you can begin your trial in any of the apps to gain access. Simply launch one the Merge EDU apps and sign in.


For links to download the Merge EDU apps, see this help article.

Step 2. Unlock the Free Trial

After signing in, you will see a screen with two options. To unlock the free trial, tap the “Subscribe” button that says “14 days free”. 

Step 3. Select your account type

Decide if you are interested in Merge EDU for use as an individual or for use at school. We recommend only individual accounts use the in-app subscription. Schools should contact us to unlock a subscription.

If you are affiliated with a school, please contact Merge at learnmore@mergeedu.com. From there, our specialists can help you get started with a free trial and ensure you have everything you need to be successful teaching science and STEM at your school! 

Step 4. Select your subscription type

Simply choose which subscription would work best for you, monthly or yearly. 

You will get a free 14-day trial by activating the subscription. In order to cancel your subscription so that you are not charged after the two weeks are up, see STEP 5 below.

Step 5. Automatic Renewal & Cancellation

When you start a free trial within the Merge EDU apps, it will start the automatic renewal process after the trial period is over. 

Since Merge does not have control of the app store free trials and purchases, you’ll need to go directly to your device's app store to cancel the subscription before the free trial period has ended if you do not want to be charged for the subscription.

Follow the links below for directions on how to do this:

(Note: If you go through these steps and do not see the Merge apps under your subscriptions, it means you are not subscribed and will not be charged.)

To learn more about canceling subscriptions, see this help article.


We hope you enjoy your Merge EDU free trial, and experience how it can be helpful for learning science and STEM! Please reach out to support at anytime at support@mergeedu.com if there’s anything we can do to help along the way. 

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