Rostering Options in Merge EDU


Rostering is taking information from one system - such as Classlink or Clever - transforming that data, and then pushing it to another system - in this case the Merge EDU Platform. Rostering defines student, teacher, and classroom data and the relationship among each, and then converts that data into rosters that are used by the third-party applications.

Note: Rostering is NOT AVAILABLE for free trials 


Follow the steps below to begin rostering:

Step 1. Sign In to your Merge EDU Admin account with your single sign-in tool

If you are rostering with Classlink, Clever, or Microsoft, you will need to sign in to the Merge EDU Dashboard ( using that system’s single sign-on tool. Check out this help article to learn more about Single Sign On tools.

The Merge Administrator doing the rostering should also be an administrator in the rostering program (for example, you will need to have admin permissions in Classlink to be able to upload a roster with Classlink).

Step 2. Use the Roster page

Once signed in to the Dashboard, you should see the “Roster” tab available under “Administrator” in the left-side menu.

If you are using a rostering tool with Classlink, Clever, or Microsoft, there should be a button specifically indicating “Roster with [Option]”. The example below shows Microsoft Roster Data. Tap the "Import" button to begin the process.




If you are using a OneRoster 1.1 formatted CSV file (should be in one ZIP file), tap “Browse” to select the file, then “Upload”.


Step 3. Once rostering is complete, have teachers and students sign in

If you used a Single Sign On tool to roster teachers and students, everything should already be connected for them. They can go to the Merge Dashboard or apps, then tap their corresponding SSO tool to sign in.

Check out this help article on how to sign-in to the Merge Dashboard and Apps.

If you encounter any issues or errors while using the Rostering Beta, please let us know right away! You can contact us at

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