How to start an Individual Subscription

How to start an Individual Subscription


The Merge EDU Platform is used in classrooms and schools around the world, but individuals can also purchase a subscription for the Merge EDU apps to use at home. 

Individual subscriptions to Merge EDU apps give full access to the app content, but they don’t unlock access to Merge EDU resources like activity plans, STEM projects, or the ability to create and manage classes and students. If you are interested in the classroom resources, we recommend purchasing a Merge EDU Platform subscription instead.

To purchase an individual subscription to a Merge EDU app, follow the steps below:

1) Download either the Merge Explorer or Merge Object Viewer app


For more information on how to download the apps, check out our Downloading Merge EDU Apps help article.

2) Open the Merge Explorer or Object Viewer app on your device, then tap the ≡ icon


In the Merge Explorer app, you may need to tap the “SKIP” or “CANCEL” button on the “free trial” or “subscription expired” page to get to this page.

3) Tap “Subscribe Now” in the app’s menu


From the Menu icon, tap “Subscribe Now”.

4) Select “Individual” as your license type


Only individual licenses can be purchased through the app. If you would like to purchase a license for an entire classroom or school, please contact

5) Select “Annual” or “Monthly” for your payment options


Choose the option that works best for you. Keep in mind that app prices will be different depending on your region.

6) Confirm your purchase


Individual purchases are handled through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device), and you will be charged through that account.

If you have any issues with your subscription, please contact us at and we will be happy to help!


Now that you have a subscription to the Merge EDU apps, it’s time to explore hands-on science simulations or digital teaching aids!

Check out the help articles below for getting started tips:
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