How to make a Merge Cube Effect for Instagram

How to make a Merge Cube Effect for Instagram

Did you know you can use your Merge Cube on Instagram and Facebook? 

Creators from all around the world have been designing incredible effects for the Merge Cube using Spark AR. With this technology, you can create your own Merge Cube filter for Instagram! 

Follow the steps below to create a basic Merge Cube Effect using Spark AR and the Merge Cube:


Step 1 - Download and Open Spark AR

To begin creating Merge Cube Filters, you will need to download Spark AR here. Once you have installed the Spark AR app, go ahead and login. You will need to “Create a New Blank Project”.


Step 2 - Import the Merge Cube Tracker

Next Click on “Import” from your computer on the bottom left “Assets” panel, and import the official Merge Cube Tracker. You can download the Merge Cube tracker here:


Step 3 - Import 3D Model + Assets

After you have imported the Merge Cube target tracker, you will also need to import the completed 3D object or asset you want to add to your project. Click on the “Add Asset +” button on the bottom left hand corner of the “Assets” panel, then choose “Import From Computer”. Find your asset (making sure it’s a supported file type), and upload it along with the associated textures needed. 


Step 4 - Link Merge Tracker to Asset

Once you have all the assets you need to create your Merge Cube effect, you will need to link them to the Merge target tracker. Go to the top Spark AR Studio menu and click on “Add”, then “Scene Understanding > Target Tracker.” Here you will change the properties of the target tracker on the right hand side of the “Target Tracker” panel. Under the “Texture” dropdown menu in the “Properties”, you will click on “Choose File > Target_Merge Cube”. Next you will drag the 3D Object or asset from the “Assets” panel to the “targetTracker0 Scene” in the “Scene” panel above the “Assets” panel. 

Once the object and scene are connected, you must change the scale of the 3D Object in the “Transformations” panel under the “Scale Values” to .02 for the X,Y and Z. 

This is an important step to ensure that the Object is the right size to hold in your hand on the Merge Cube. 


Step 5 - Publish Your effect

After you have previewed your 3D Object on the Merge Cube, you’re ready to export! You’ll want to shoot a fun video of the Merge Cube in action with your effect and submit your project for review.


Step 6 - Follow @merge on Instagram and Tag #mergecube

Once your Merge Cube effect is approved, please follow @merge on Instagram and tag #mergecube with your first post, story or reel, so we can like and share it with our growing community of creators and educators! 

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