Downloading All Activities in Merge Explorer

Downloading All Activities in Merge Explorer


The Merge Explorer app includes over 100 interactive science simulations that cover a wide range of science topics. Downloading each simulation separately will reduce the amount of space Merge Explorer will take up on your device. 

To download the activities one by one, simply select the topic card you want to use, then tap the “Play” button to load the simulation. That activity is now downloaded and can be used again without an internet connection.

If you prefer, you can download all the activities at once, so you can use Merge Explorer without an internet connection.

Follow these instructions to find out how to Download All Activities in Merge Explorer:

Step 1 - Sign in to Merge Explorer

Open the Merge Explorer app, then tap the profile icon to sign in. 

Learn more about how to sign in to the Merge apps in this help article.

Step 2 - Open the Merge Explorer menu

Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the app to open the menu.

Step 3 - Download All Activities

Tap the “Download All Activities” button, then wait for the activities to download. This may take a few minutes.

Now you’re all done!


Now that you’ve learned how to download all of the activities in Merge Explorer, it’s time to get started using the science simulations!

Check out this help article to learn how to use science simulations.

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