Getting Started - Tips, Tricks & Helpful Resources

Getting Started - Tips, Tricks & Helpful Resources



There is a lot to explore in Merge EDU, and we want to make sure you have all the resources available to help you get the most out of your experience!  

This article will guide you through you tips and tricks, as well as link you to the full help articles for:

  • Getting a Merge Cube
  • Making a Paper Cube
  • Improving tracking and performance
  • Stamping and placing 3D objects
  • Using VR mode in Merge EDU
  • Accessibility with Immersive Reader & Translations

Getting a Merge Cube


Don’t have a Merge Cube yet? Don’t worry! Click the link below to learn about the best places to purchase a Merge Cube for yourself, or how to put in a purchase order to get Merge Cubes for your entire class!

Learn more about getting a Merge Cube here.

Making a Paper Cube


Can’t wait to get started? The article below will show you how you can print and make your own Paper Cube with our official Merge Paper Cube template. Paper Cubes are free to print and use for educational purposes, and are a fantastic resource for remote learners or to test out the Merge EDU apps with your students.

Learn more about making a paper cube here.

Improving Tracking and Performance

image5.gifWant to improve the tracking and performance of your device with the Merge Cube? The help article linked below shares a few tips on how to prevent tracking issues.

Learn more about how to improve tracking and performance here.

Stamping and placing 3D objects


Did you know that with the Stamp and Place in World tools, you can view and interact with digital objects without using a Merge Cube? Stamp a simulation in Merge Explorer in different stages side-by-side to compare, or place digital teaching aids on a real world surface to create your own virtual museum!

Learn more about the Place in the World mode here.

Learn more about stamping here.

Using VR mode with Merge EDU


Have a Merge AR/VR Headset? Use VR mode inside Merge EDU to be immersed in 360 videos, or experience our science simulations in mixed reality. Tap the link below to find out how! 

Learn more about using VR mode with Merge EDU here

Accessibility with Immersive Reader & Translations


Our integration with Immersive Reader makes Merge EDU apps accessible to all learners. Not only can the passages be read aloud to students, but the font, size, and line focus can be modified to help students follow along with the text. 

Merge apps have also been translated into many different languages. Check out the articles linked below to see how you can use the reading tools in Merge EDU to engage students of all reading levels.

Learn more about how to use the Immersive Reader tool here

Learn how to change the default language in the Merge apps here


We hope this article was successful in teaching you about a few helpful tips, tricks, and resources you can use in the Merge EDU Platform! If you have any questions or need help, please contact our dedicated Support Team at

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