Using your Merge Cube with Instagram

Using your Merge Cube with Instagram


You can now use your Merge Cube with Instagram using our new Instagram Filters! This unlocks amazing new potential for engagement, learning and discovery for students and teachers everywhere.


Follow the steps below to try it out for yourself: 

  • Open Instagram on your mobile device

  • Go to our @merge Instagram profile

  • Tap on the "three sparkles" icon to see our filters

  • Tap on any of the filter choices, then tap “Try It”

  • Tap the icon for the filter you would like to use

  • Hold your Merge Cube up to your camera and see the cube transform

  • Try it in selfie mode and record a sharable video
  • For easy access, add the filters to your Instagram Camera


Now that you’ve learned how to use Merge Instagram Filters with your Merge Cube, we hope to see you use them on your Instagram Posts, Reels and Stories. Be sure to tag #mergecube to add your voice to the growing Merge educator community on Instagram!

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