Using VR Mode with Merge EDU Apps

Using VR Mode with Merge EDU Apps

With the Merge AR/VR Headset, you can go on virtual field trips, travel back in time, and see life from new perspectives. 

But did you know the Merge Headset is also compatible with the Merge Cube and Merge EDU? Using Merge EDU with the headset will let you explore science simulations and digital teaching aids using mixed reality! 

Follow the instructions to learn how to start using VR Mode with Merge EDU.

VR Mode in Merge Explorer

Merge Explorer is an app in our Merge EDU platform that lets you hold and interact with science simulations. To use VR mode in Merge Explorer, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Merge Explorer on your mobile device, and select one of the topic cards.
  2. Tap the play button over the science simulation you wish to see, then tap the headset icon at the bottom-right of the screen once the activity loads.
  3. Rotate your device to a horizontal orientation. If the image doesn’t appear, make sure your orientation-lock is off.
  4. Put your device into the Merge Headset, making sure the camera is facing the pop-out window (and the pop-out window has been removed). Adjust the lenses until you see clearly.
  5. Hold your Merge Cube in your hand and enjoy using VR mode with the science simulations! 

Now that you have learned how to use VR mode with Merge EDU apps, you’ll be able to interact with hands-on science simulations and digital teaching aids in all new ways! 

See “Getting Started with your Merge AR/VR Headset” for more information about VR and the Merge Headset.


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