How to upload an object with Merge Uploader

How to upload an object with Merge Uploader



Students and Teachers can upload their own 3D creations to the Merge Cube using the Object Uploader. Visualizing your 3D creations on the Merge Cube makes it easy to inspect them up close from all angles, and to share with teachers and classmates for feedback. It also allows for rapid iteration while developing 3D prototypes, and can help save time and materials if you’re 3D printing.

In this article we will introduce you to the main steps you should take to upload your own 3D creation to be viewed on the Merge Cube.

  • Getting to the Object Uploader
  • Uploading your 3D Creation
  • Editing the Object Details

When you’re ready to upload your own 3D object, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Getting to the Object Uploader

  1. Go to and sign into your Merge Account

  2. Select “Upload” under Home from the left-side navigation menu


Step 2

Uploading your 3D Creation

  1. Drag and drop your 3D file onto the upload window or click “Browse” to search for the 3D Object you want to upload.

    Note: Object Uploader supports FBX, OBJ, STL, and GLTF file types. You can also upload a ZIP archive containing your model (in a supported file type), along with materials and associated textures.

  2. Select the 3D Object file you wish to upload, then click “Continue”

  3. Allow the object to Process; when processing is complete click “Continue”


Step 3

Editing the Object Details

  1. Type in the Object’s Name and Description

  2. Click “Edit 3D Settings” to open the Object Editor

  3. When you have finished adjusting the Object Details, click “Done”


Click here to learn more about using the Object Editor

Step 4

Sharing your 3D Creation

  1. Click “Share Options” to find the QR code, Object Code, or Copy Link for your object.

  2. Anyone can scan the QR code or open the Link to get the prompt to launch Object Viewer and go directly to your object.

  3. Share the Object Code when a user may not be able to use a link. To use the Object Code, tap the menu in Object Viewer then select “Code Search” and enter the code.


Step 5

View your 3D Creation

  1. Open the Object Viewer app, then open the side-menu (in the top-left corner).

  2. Tap “My Objects” near the bottom of the side-menu, under My Library

  3. Tap on the thumbnail of your object to open it up, then tap the Play button to load the object. You can swap between 3D, Cube, and World mode.



Now that you know how to upload your own 3D creations to your Merge Account using the Object Uploader, you can now inspect, visualize and share your creations.

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