Using Science Simulations & Topic Cards

Using Science Simulations & Topic Cards


It’s easy to integrate the amazing science simulations from Merge EDU directly into your lessons, and your students will be engaged and excited to learn! Watch the video above to get a quick overview of the features and functionality of the topic cards and simulations inside Merge Explorer, and follow the steps in the article below to get started.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the steps to familiarize yourself with Merge Explorer and use the science simulations effectively in your science class.

  • Signing in to Merge Explorer
  • Browsing Topic Cards
  • Using Activity Plans
  • Teaching a Lesson
  • Taking a Quiz
  • Sharing a Topic Card

When you’re ready to try it yourself, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Sign in to Merge Explorer to unlock over 100 hands-on science simulations. 

Click here if you need more help signing in to Merge Explorer


Step 2

Browse Science Topic Cards that contain interactive science simulations. Find one that works with your current science unit or lesson. Some users find it easier to browse and share topic cards in the Merge Dashboard.

Click here to learn more about browsing topics on the Merge Dashboard


Step 3

Interact with a Topic Card using just the app or with a corresponding Activity Plan. There are three ways to interact with the science simulations in the Merge Explorer app. Simply use the dropdown menu at the top of each activity to switch between modes. 

3D Mode allows you to interact with 3D simulations on your device’s screen, and works with many Chromebook models. Cube Mode lets you hold and interact with the simulations, and World Mode allows you to place multiple iterations of the same simulation side-by-side to compare and explore. Check out this article to learn more about each of the 3 modes.

  1. To get started quickly, follow the instructions on the topic card, which are designed to allow any one to jump right in and start learning.

  2. For more in-depth learning, follow step-by-step activity plans with instructions that can be teacher-led, or students can complete independently—even from home! Visit the Merge Dashboard to find the activity plans.

Click here to learn more about activity plans


Step 4

Teach a lesson based on your classroom setup and teaching style, whether you are teaching remotely, working in socially distanced classrooms, or have 1:1 devices.

Learn more about different types of lessons


Step 5

Ask students to take the integrated quiz after completing all of the activities in a topic card to check for understanding. You can view the results of the quiz on the Merge Dashboard.

Click here to learn more about Quizzes


Step 6

Share the topic card from the Merge Dashboard by tapping the “share” button on the topic card, then choose an option. When a user taps the link, it will automatically open the corresponding topic card from within the app.

You can learn more about sharing in Merge EDU here



Now that you’ve learned how to use the science simulations and topic cards inside Merge Explorer, you can engage your students in learning science, and help them understand complex concepts more easily, in the classroom and in remote and hybrid learning!

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