Getting Started - Student Dashboard

Getting Started - Student Dashboard


Now that you’ve created a student account, you’ll want to get familiar with the Student Dashboard. Here, you’ll explore science simulations and digital teaching aids, get access to activity plans and STEM projects, upload your own 3D objects, and find helpful information.

Tap here if you need help creating a student account, otherwise continue with the steps below.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the main sections of the Merge Student Dashboard:

  • Home Section - View your objects, collections and favorites and see what’s new
  • Student Section - View your classes or Join a Class
  • Science Section - Explore our Science Simulations and Teaching Aids
  • STEM Section -  Access STEM Projects and worksheets
  • Help & Support Section - Find getting started guides, help articles and support
Sign In

Sign in to the Merge EDU Dashboard

Signing into your student account gives you access to all the info and resources you’ll need. Simply sign in using either your username and password, or the single sign-on credentials that you used when you created your account.

Tap here if you need more help signing in to the Merge Dashboard

Home Section

As you learn to use Merge EDU, you will create your own objects, collections and favorites. You will also want to check out what’s new for the newest content.

  1. Tap “What’s New” to see the new Science Simulations, Teaching Aids, and STEM Projects on the Merge EDU Platform

  2. Tap “My Stuff” to view your Objects, Collections, Favorites and Profile

  3. From the Objects page you can tap the “Upload” button to upload your own objects.

Tap here to learn how to Upload your own 3D Objects
Tap here to learn how to Create your own Collections


Student Section

Tap “Join A Class” to enter the Class Join Code provided by your Teacher and to see which classes you’re enrolled in on the Merge Platform. It might be your science class, your STEM class, or both.


Science Section

Watch the Merge Cube transform into a Digital Object (hologram) in the palm of your hand!

This is where you’ll get to explore the digital teaching and the science simulations. You'll also find activity plans to follow along with as you complete the topic cards in Merge Explorer.

  1. Tap “Teaching Aids” to view the list of Teaching Aid Collections
    Tap here to learn more about Digital Teaching Aids

  2. Tap “Science Simulations” to view the list of Science Simulation Topic Cards
    Tap here to learn more about Science Simulations

  3. Tap “Activity Plans” to view the list of Science Activity Plans
    Tap here to learn more about Activity Plans


STEM Section

The STEM Section is where you’ll find Merge STEM Projects and worksheets. The STEM projects follow the engineering design process, and challenge you to solve real world problems.

Tap “STEM Projects” to open the STEM Projects page. You can tap on each STEM project to learn more or to access the projects and worksheets.

Tap here to learn more about STEM Projects


Help & Support Section

In this section, you’ll find getting started guides, more help articles like this one, and other support resources to help you be successful using Merge EDU.

  1. Tap “Help Articles” for easy-to-follow tutorials about all things MergeEDU including getting started guides and tips and tricks.

  2. Tap “Contact Support” to send our support team any question or issue you have with our dashboard or apps.


Apps Section

You’ll find the links for both the Object Viewer app and Merge Explorer app in this section.

Download Merge EDU apps onto your classroom device, or onto your device at home 

  1. Tap “Explorer” to find the download links for our Science Simulation app, Merge Explorer.

  2. Tap “Object Viewer” to find the download links for our Teaching Aid and 3D object app, Object Viewer.



Now that you’ve learned how to navigate the Student Dashboard, you’re ready to learn science and master STEM using the most powerful new educational technology!

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