Creating Generic Merge EDU Student Accounts

Creating Generic Student Accounts


A Merge EDU account is your key to unlocking all the interactive science simulations and digital teaching aids in Merge EDU apps. While we recommend that students have individual accounts, creating generic accounts may be preferred in certain situations. 

You can create one or more generic accounts for students to share. If you would like all students to share a single login, be sure to email to let them know to enable this setting in your subscription.  

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a generic Merge EDU student account
  • Activate a generic Merge EDU student account

Create a Generic Student Account

1. Sign in to your teacher or administrator account at Select "Classes" under "Administrator" on the left side menu, then select "Create a Class." Give your class a name and select a teacher. Period and description are optional. Select "Save."




2. Once you press save, you will be on the "Classes" page. Copy the "Class Code" to your clipboard, or keep it handy somewhere. You will need the "Class Code" to activate your student account later.




2. Tap on your "Class Name" then select "Add Student." 


3. Select "Add Manually." Screenshot_2023-01-26_at_8.59.21_AM.png


4. Give your generic student account a first name, last name, and username. You do NOT need an email address, and we don't recommend using one for generic accounts. School names and mascots are a fun idea to use here. Press "Save." 




5.  After pressing "Save," you will see your generic student account has been created, but not activated (noted by the yellow dot next to the name). To be able to use the student account, you will need to activate it following the steps in the next section below.






Activating a Generic Student Account

Now that you have created a generic student account, you will need to activate it before it can be used by students to access app content. Follow the steps below to activate the generic account. 

1. Be sure you have the class code handy (from step 2 above), then open an incognito window and visit Type in the username you created, leave the password blank, then select "Sign In."

Note: you will leave the password blank.



2. On the next screen, you will enter the Class Code, and create then confirm a password. Select "Activate." 




2. Next you'll need to select a series of answers to account recovery questions, then press "Submit."




3. After pressing "Submit," you'll be logged in to the Merge EDU dashboard as the student. The student account is now activated and ready to be used to login to the Merge EDU apps! 





Now that you know how to create and activate a generic student account, select the links below to learn how to sign into the Merge EDU apps.

Check out this article on signing in to Merge EDU Apps.

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